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Welcome to the Acumen Training Archive Site

Welcome to the former home page of John Deubert's Acumen Training, a training consultancy specializing in engineering classes and consulting in PostScript and PDF.

Acumen Training is now dead, I'm afraid. The company still exists, but the market it used to service has dried up. (Few people need training in the PDF file format and PostScript is functionally dead. )

I have made no changes to the site, except for the addition of these explanatory paragraphs.

I no longer offer any of the services described on this site. I'm maintaining the site because (a) why not? and (b) people still occasionally download the Acumen Journal.

If you're interested, I am now tutoring math and physical science to Middle- and High-school students under the moniker "Acumen Tutoring." Click here to go to that website.

Again, everything on this page below the following horizontal line, and everything in the rest of the site, is archival.


What Services Does Acumen Training Provide?

Acumen Training offers three kinds of services and products:

  • Expert classes in creating, interpreting, and troubleshooting PostScript and PDF.
  • PostScript- and PDF-related consulting.
  • QEDGuides, PDF-based e-books on technical topics in PostScript, PDF, and advanced Acrobat.


PS Icon 128 John teaches a variety of engineering-level classes on PostScript and PDF. The current curriculum consists of:

PDF Icon 128

These classes are offered:

  • at our classroom site in Southern California
  • on your corporate site worldwide
  • delivered live online via WebEx.

You will not find classes better than these or backed up with more experience and expertise. John Deubert has been programming and teaching PostScript since 1984 (he was one of Adobe’s earliest employees); he has been teaching and working with PDF since 1996.

John is widely considered to be a gifted teacher; his classes are routinely described by students as the best classes they have ever taken. He brings to his classes an unusual combination of technical expertise, printing and graphic industry experience, and teaching acumen.

Acumen Training's classes are the only ones of their kind anywhere in the world. If you are looking for engineering-grade classes in PostScript or PDF, this is the place.

For information on classes...

Click on the following links for:

Course Descriptions
Class Schedule
Live Online classes
Onsite information


John offers his expertise to people who are engaged in projects using PostScript or PDF. Clients can engage John for:

  • Hourly telephone support
  • Programming assistance
  • Project planning and implementation

Click here for more information on John’s consulting service.


QED Logo.220xh.retina Acumen Training's QEDGuides are e-books on engineering-level topics that are not addressed by any other publisher: PostScript, PDF, and Acrobat JavaScript. The latest guide, on First Steps in Variable Data Printing with PostScript, was released in July 2014.

Acumen Training's QED Guides are e-books that cover technical subjects in the PostScript and PDF world. The most recent arrival in the QED Guide menagerie is a First Steps Guide that discusses variable data PostScript.

Click here for more information.

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