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Field Support PDF
(1 day)
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A course in diagnosing problematic PDF files

Field Support PDF is a one-day introduction to the PDF file format intended for field support personnel. It discusses the basics of the structure and contents of a PDF file, with an eye toward recognizing possible sources of observed problems. The course teaches the student to use the tools built into Adobe Acrobat to determine the contents and nature of a PDF file and to look for the sources of common problems, such as mangled text or incorrect color.

Note that this is a class in examining and diagnosing the PDF file structure, not the general use of Adobe Acrobat.


Printer-related field support engineers who need to examine and diagnose problems associated with printing PDF files. The course assumes you are supporting or ­otherwise working with a printing device that consumes PDF files.


Students will leave class knowing how to find their way around a PDF file and understand how to diagnose the source of problems in PDF files.


Good experience with computer systems and printers, on the "advanced user" level.

Course Outline

6½ hours of instruction

  • Overview of PDF File Contents
  • PDF File Structure
  • Examining Document-Level Information (Encryption, etc.)
  • PDF Pages (Bounding boxes, Resources, etc.)
  • Resources
  • Page Contents: Line Art
  • Page Contents: Text
  • Font Dictionaries & Resources
  • Color & Color Spaces
  • Compression
  • Images
  • Transparency
  • Problems to Watch For
  • Compliance Standards: PDF/X, PDF/A, PDF/VT

Continually during the class, the students will examine real-life PDF files to gain familiarity with how the class topics apply to actual PDF files.

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