Acumen Training

PostScript Consulting

Acumen Training offers PostScript and PDF consulting services conducted by telephone and email. These services consist of:

  • PostScript programming
  • Telephone and email support for PostScript and PDF engineers.
  • PostScript code commentary and design
  • PostScript-based variable data output design and programming



PostScript Programming

John Deubert has been a professional PostScript programmer since 1984, when he started working at a tiny start-up company with the improbable name of Adobe Systems. You’ll not find anyone with longer or broader experience in the language. He is not only a PostScript programmer, but has been (and still is) a teacher, conducting engineering-level, on-site PostScript programming classes since the late 80’s; many of today’s top PostScript programmers originally learned their craft from John.

If you need a PostScript programmer, why not put this expertise for you? Because of his long experience, John is remarkably fast in analyzing problems and writing PostScript code. Over the decades, he has worked on everything from troubleshooting PostScript misbehavior to adding functionality to existing code to designing and implementing variable data PostScript systems.

If you need top-notch PostScript expertise, this is where you’ll find it.

Telephone and Email Support

If you have a technical staff that is already up to speed on the PostScript language or PDF file structure, you may still have a need for another pair of experienced eyes looking over your shoulders or a source of help with knotty problems.

Sign up for telephone and email support and you have a set of helpful eyes and ears (and an attached brain) that can help you analyze and fix PostScript problems, write snippets of code, or suggest approaches to take in designing a PostScript-based variable data or other system.

PostScript Code Commentary

Do you and your organization already have a functioning PostScript-based system? Do you suspect it could be faster or better organized? John can examine your PostScript code with an eye toward inefficiencies and otherwise-benign errors that lead to increased execution time and memory use. He will suggest changes to the code or make them himself, if you wish.

PostScript-Based System Design and Implementation

If you are considering implementing a PostScript-based variable data output system, put John on your team. Working with your engineers, he can design and write the PostScript code for your system. John has considerable experience in this and, in fact, has a class on designing variable data PostScript systems.



The services above are all billed hourly at a rate of US$120.00. If appropriate, variable data programming and other extensive assignments may be billed an agreed-upon price for the entire project, payable at specified milestones.


Hourly projects require a 4-hour retainer up front. Telephone and email support clients will be billed another 4-hour increment whenever the retainer’s balance falls below a half-hour. Programming clients are billed at the end of each month for hours worked during that month.


John submits a weekly time sheet so that the client is never in any doubt as to how the hours are accumulating. Monthly bills are accompanied by a time sheet detailing the time spent over the month.

If you need John’s services, just send an email to:

You and John will then conduct a conversation (usually by email) to determine what you need and how—and whether—John can help.

John’s never had an unhappy client yet; if he accepts your job, it is because he knows he can help you.

If you have need of a PostScript programmer of long experience and great expertise, contact him soon!